Our Growth Marketing Framework


Before we ever write an ad, design an ad image, or plan a campaign, first we must get to the heart of who your perfect customer or client is. Then we create a strategy around that ideal avatar and develop all of our creative and ad targeting to reach and speak to that audience.


We’ll work with you to develop a simple but highly effective digital advertising strategy that utilizes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Google Search, Google Display, or a combination of some or all of these platforms.


We’ll write all of your ad copy, then submit it to you for review and approval before it ever sees the light of day. A large part of the research phase will be finding your brands unique voice, so the more copy you have on your website, in your emails, or on your Facebook page, the more streamlined that process will be.


Our in-house designers have the tools and expertise to create all of your advertising videos (utilizing stock footage), images, animated gifs, as well as provide detailed video script outlines and guides for our clients that do wish to use custom filmed videos for their advertising campaigns.


Each and every week, you will receive a detailed video update from your ads expert on the status of your ad campaigns, the key performance indicators (such as CPL, CPA, and ROAS), as well as have the opportunity to hop on a video call with your assigned account rep or ads expert to discuss campaign performance in deeper detail if need be.

Aviron - Interactive Rower Startup

Andy from Aviron came to us with a relatively new company that had very little history of running paid advertising. Less than a month after launching their Facebook ad campaigns, their sales jumped from 2-3 sales per week on average, to more than 8 sales per week. Within another month, they had rocketed to 15-20 sales a week. on average.  In less than 6 months of working together, we had them averaging 30 sales a week and had put them in a perfect position to capitalize on their next fundraising round, where they raised $4.5M in venture capital.

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Queenly - Dress Marketplace

When Trisha & Kathy of Queenly contacted us, they always had the long-term goal of bringing their marketing in-house, but they were looking for an agency that could help them maximize growth to attract high-level investors.

We were very quickly able to optimize. and improve upon the advertising that they were already doing, and in the 6 months that we worked together, we added nearly 50,000 new users to their marketplace platform while averaging a 35.6% mon-over-month growth rate.  We also diversified their advertising across 3 different ad platforms to maximize reach and minimize reliance on any individual platform.

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Hunt-A-Killer - Murder Mystery Subscription Box

GS Media was still a young agency when the folks behind the Hunt-A-Killer & Empty Faces mystery subscription boxes came to us to manage their social advertising campaigns.  Even as a new company, we were able to rapidly double their ad spend to nearly $1M/month in on Facebook & Instagram alone, while maintaining consistent CPAs and ROAS.  By 2020, they had achieved such rapid growth that they placed 6th on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies.

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Adwords Nerds - Real Estate Investor Agency

When Adwords Nerds came to us to help them reach more Real Estate Investors, both their webinar funnel and their Facebook ads had grown stale and they were paying more than $900 to have a qualified lead book a call with them. Although we don’t normally provide this service for clients, we knew their webinar funnel needed a facelift. So we rebuilt them a brand new funnel from scratch, came up with brand new advertising strategy and creative, and within a month of launching their new Facebook ad campaigns had driven their cost per booked call from $900, all the way down to just $75, where it stayed for nearly 2 years.

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T. Harv Eker - World Renowned Coach & Speaker

Within 6 months of working with T. Harv Eker’s team, we were able to increase their revenue by more than 15% over the previous 6 months, while cutting ad costs by nearly 40%. This obviously led to a dramatically increased return on ad spend and a huge influx of leads. We were also able to diversify their advertising efforts from 2-3 products, to 8 different products, as well as evergreen all of their campaigns to get them off the launch hamster wheel.

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Cayla Craft - Mommy Millionaire

Cayla and Chase came to us after completing a successful launch, but knowing that they could have done even better with the right advertising strategy. We worked with them to develop the ad strategy and then planned, created, launched, and managed the ad campaigns for a successful 6-figure launch. Leveraging a Facebook and Instagram ads strategy to promote a free challenge which was hosted in a Facebook group, we were able to acquire paying customers on the backend at 4x return on ad spend, making this a highly profitable and successful launch.

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Mike Gillette - MindBoss Academy

Mike and his business partner Dan came to us with a profitable and successful digital info product funnel in the personal development niche (one of the most competitive niches out there). We worked with them to rapidly scale up to more than $75k/month in ad spend with a 2.36 return on ad spend. Since this was a purely digital product with very little fulfilment or overhead, these margins led to a substantial increase in profitability and overall revenue.

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We’ve Worked With…

Coaching Sales

Word On The Street Is, We’re Pretty Alright…

“Glen Hoddinott is a paid traffic engineer of the highest order, but that term doesn’t encapsulate his genius for the subject matter. He’s frankly more like a paid traffic magician to be honest, and I’ve personally benefitted from his expertise to the tune of 4x, 5x, 6x and beyond Return On Investment on the ads we’ve run together. You can’t go wrong in retaining his services.”

Jonathan Greene

CMO, Hemon Media

“Seth has shown me how an ads expert can make such a difference in your biz. He started working on my ads just recently, and I’m so impressed. I’ve got quality leads and most importantly, finally feel like I have a strategy that works. Seth offers a personal and customized approach and took the time to learn about my goals. Anyone even thinking of running paid traffic, Seth is your man.”

Bofta Yiman

CEO, Bofta Yiman On Air

“I worked with Glen behind the scenes at Traffic and Funnels and he’s one of the best Facebook media buyers available with the track record to prove it. He will get incredible results for your business. Period. But beyond that, when the shit hits the fan like it inevitably does, Glen is the guy you can rely on to get things back on track. If you have the opportunity to work with Glen, there’s nothing to think about, you should leap at the opportunity.”
Mike Heiser

Marketing Director, Traffic And Funnels

“Glen helped me recover my banned ad account. I thought I would have to start all over. Instead, I reached out to Glen and he quickly pinpointed why the account was flagged and gave me some advice on what I can do to prevent this from happening again. Glen told me exactly what to say, and within five minutes, my ad account was back! Glen is a wizard when it comes to Facebook ads. One of the best in the industry.”

Till Boadella

CEO, TillBoadella.com